18th July: I’ve been very busy with work since my last post or very lazy with keeping this up to date, and the more time has gone by the less I felt like spending time doing this but I’m getting it all together today and bringing things up to date.

Gigs: Have now joined The UK Pink Floyd Experience and we are touring the UK extensively and a tour of Israel is planned for the New Year. Dire Straits UK is increasing its presence and receiving great feedback, as is Genesis Legacy which has notched up three shows now with a handful more this year. All venues have offered us return visits. A youtube recording of Brothers in Arms done jointly with Sina has notched up nearly 6.5 million hits at the time of writing this.

Composing: Music library tracks devised with Darren Allison are in the mix stage, though on hold a little as he completes a CD for Clint Bradley for which I have created a string arrangement.

Arranging: have just had a really productive meeting with Tot Taylor and we are beginning work on a project of his which will take some months to complete, but more information as it becomes available. My biggest task this year was to prepare a working full score for Romero The Musical in anticipation of the eponymous priest’s conversion to a Saint by the Catholic church later this year. We hope to create a recording in the studio imminently. As it is a 19 piece orchestra it has not been a quick job! Running concurrently I have been creating backing tracks for Ines Marto’s production of Portuguese Revista for a show in Lisbon later this year.

YourSoundTube: We released our first CD of tracks by our young artistes called YourSongBook, and are now working on Sina’s Chi Might 2 CD – tracks are released singly leading up to the launch, and we are collecting exciting new artists to work with on the way. Covering/interpreting such diverse bands as Evanescence, David Cassidy, Rammstein, Yes, Iron Butterfly, Stevie Wonder, Carpenters and Michael Jackson to name but a few has been great fun. Jadyn Rylee’s version of Sound of Silence is the most popular of the arrangements still with 8 million views but Stairway to Heaven is closing the gap…

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