4th May 2020: Now we are all locked down in social isolation, I have been able to carry on my piano teaching online and am happy to take on new students. Sadly the associated board also had to lock down, so students were disappointed not to be able to take their grade exams. Here is a recent testimonial I received from the parent of a girl I had just prepared for Grade 4 before the exam was cancelled:-

“Richard is everything I was looking for in a piano teacher for my children as he is not only a gifted pianist and performer but also a gifted teacher. In my experience many talented people are not natural teachers and do not have the teaching skills to impart their knowledge effectively to their pupils or have the ability to see what is going for the pupil in their musical journey. He never fails to put my sensitive child at ease and he really understands some of their frustrations and anxieties they are feeling. He is not only very talented and professional but a kind and very approachable person and I feel at ease to discuss any aspect of my child’s piano lessons with him. My youngest daughter changed piano teachers to Richard nearly a year ago and as a pianist she is unrecognisable. She has so much more confidence, her technical ability is greatly improved and most importantly for me she has regained her love for playing. I feel so lucky to have found Richard.”

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