Harmony and Counterpoint

Harmony and Counterpoint Lessons

If your music theory is of a high standard you may wish to go further and learn what is considered the bedrock of music compositional technique. Once upon a time ‘traditional’ 4-part harmony was taught at GCE level and developed at A-Level. Many good universities still expect applicants to be able to harmonise a melody using this technique.

If you are serious about becoming a composer you need to follow the example of all the great composers before you and ‘learn the basics’. Even the most avant-garde composers had these tools in their inventory – how else could you radically forge a new direction without knowing your starting point?

Taking as a model Bach’s skill and mastery of writing for four voices, once you have accomplished this technique you are ready to apply it to many other situations: fugues, orchestration, transcriptions, accompaniments, choral pieces. The list is endless.

If you are interested and are prepared to put in some homework each week and you wish to learn more, then feel free to phone me on 01227 730041 or 07809 643873

Fees: £40 per hour.