Theory Lessons

Music Theory lessons are all about learning how Western music is written down. You will learn to read and write notes using Staff Notation.

Learning an instrument especially Piano is the best way to learn how to read music but some musicians play and instrument proficiently without ever learning notation. Why, then is it necessary?

Many music professions require the player to ‘read the dots’: Bands for stage shows will be given the music written down and expect you to be able to read it, as will many sessions in recording studios. If you can read music notation you have a much wider selection of musical experiences to enjoy!

But there is much more to it – if you can write music then you can compose and communicate your ideas to other musicians. You can explore your instrument in much greater detail and have access to all the wonderful music from Classical to Jazz to Rock transcriptions that have ever been written. And you can start to listen to the great classics and follow a score, starting to understand the way the music was created and pieced together.

If you are starting lessons on Piano you could add an extra 10 minutes of your lesson to learn theory in conjunction with piano technique. There are 8 grades of Theory exams that are parallel to the Piano grades and I can enter you for these to help you gain qualifications. If you wish to take Grade 6 or above on an instrument then you MUST have passed Grade 5 theory.

If you are interested and are prepared to put in some homework each week and you wish to learn more, then feel free to phone me on 01227 730041 or 07809 643873

Fees: £30 per hour (pro rata) or £20 for a 40 minute lesson including your half hour piano session.